Yesterday, Friday October 10, 2014, here in Oakland, the state dropped all charges against the Trayvon 2! Thanks to all who supported the Trayvon 2 legal defense fund by spreading the word, contributing monies, and by showing up to court. More details to follow…


Leaders of Muslim Community Speak Out for the Trayvon 2


As members of the Bay Area Muslim community and the larger ummah, we are deeply concerned about the serious and false legal charges leveled against Tanzeen Doha and Lamar Caldwell – the ‘Trayvon 2.’ We recognize that the legal system continues to discriminate on the basis of skin color, and note the connection between the specific targeting of two dark, bearded Muslim men and the broader criminalization of Islam following the ‘War on Terror.’

We draw necessary parallels between the Trayvon 2’s legal battle – the stakes of which include incarceration and deportation – and the young Trayvon Martin’s own fight for his life. We recognize the continuity between the persecution of the Trayvon 2 and the arbitrary detention of Muslims in Guantanamo Bay Prison. We also make connections between the initial arrest of the Trayvon 2, and the routine criminalization of Black bodies in the streets of our cities.

The Trayvon 2 are valuable community members upon which many others have depended and continue to rely. Tanzeen, a father of three young children, has counseled troubled youth and families for nearly ten years and taught college-level academic courses throughout the Bay Area. Similarly, Lamar is a well-known and active member of Oakland’s Muslim community. Despite his diagnosis with stage II cancer, he continues to participate in community events, grow his local business, and support Muslims who are new to the Dīn. Incarceration would not only worsen Lamar’s serious medical condition but also leave a deep void in the Bay Area Muslim community.

We commend these brothers for participating in a social protest following the acquittal of George Zimmerman – the perpetrator of murder against an innocent Black child – with the understanding that Islam encourages believers to struggle against injustice in a righteous manner. With this principle in mind, we fully support the Trayvon 2 and condemn the blatantly racist and Islamophobic institutions that targeted them.

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful,

Abdul Raoof Nasir

Chaplain, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)

Abdel Malik Ali

Amir and Community Activist, Oakland, California

Imam Zaid Shakir

Lighthouse Masjid, Oakland, California

The Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (Muslim ARC)

Imam Faheem Shuaibe

Masjid’ul Waritheen, Oakland, California



Rally for the Trayvon 2
Thursday March 6 at 8:00am
Wiley Manuel Courthouse, 661 Washington Street (corner of 7th and Washington St, downtown Oakland)

rally 3.6

Here are some facts about the case:

1) The Trayvon 2, Hannibal Shakur (Lamar Caldwell) and Tanzeen Doha are two local activists being prosecuted for protests last July against the George Zimmerman not-guilty verdict in the murder of Trayvon Martin. According to the San Jose Mercury News, they are the only two people being prosecuted in relation to the July protests.

2) They are being railroaded through the judicial system on false charges of felony vandalism of a window. Why? Because they are Muslim and they speak out against racist injustice, and because of their past activism against racism and imperialism. Tanzeen worked actively on questions of race, religion, and colonialism at UC Davis and other universities like San Francisco State and San Jose State. Hannibal was active in the protests around Oscar Grant’s 2009 murder by BART police.
3) The case against them is full of irregularities already and they are still just in the pre-trial phase. Hannibal and Tanzeen were initially charged separately, Tanzeen only with a misdemeanor. Oddly, they were made co-defendants well after the arrest. They were arrested on the spurious charge of felony vandalism.

4) The state has been dragging its feet since August on these totally false charges, maximizing the impact of this lengthy prosecution on the lives of Tanzeen (who is a husband and father) and Hannibal (who is battling cancer). One week, the prosecution even forgot the court date!

5) The state is acting like it has something to hide. And at the last court date, they asked for another continuance because the arresting officer has not responded to repeated subpoena attempts. Then, something really unusual happened: The judge had to issue a warrant for the arresting officer.

These young men are entitled to a speedy trial and they should not be prosecuted on such flimsy evidence. Why is the state dragging this out? Why is the state avoiding presenting its evidence? Why won’t the officer answer the subpoenas? The police and prosecutor are trying to stretch this out to maximize the level of inconvenience and the problems these two men face.

The Trayvon 2 are being charged with felony vandalism of a window, an outrageous charge designed to arrest activists found anywhere near a broken window. Clearly, the DA is using the threat of non-existent evidence to force these young activists to admit to something they did not do.

We’ve seen the state targeting activists in this way before.The only reason the state and its white supremacist allies have failed is because the resolve of oppressed people has been stronger than the resolve of the oppressive state.

On March 6, let’s tell the state to drop ALL charges.

Rally for the Trayvon 2
Thursday March 6 at 8:00am
Wiley Manuel Courthouse, 661 Washington Street (corner of 7th and Washington St, downtown Oakland)

Libation to Liberation: Community, Safety, Depense, Justice and Assembly

“Libation to Liberation: Community, Safety, Defense, Justice and Assembly” – Assembly & Open Mic On Oscar Grant’s Birthday

SJSU event

“Libation to Liberation: Community, Safety, Defense and Justice” On Oscar Grant’s Birthday

Thursday, February 27th, 6-9:00 pm
SJSU Engineering Building Room 285-87

This day #2 of a two part program scheduled to takes place both on the anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin (February 26th), and the birthday of Oscar Grant (February 27th).

Day One (Feb 26th) – Film Screening
6-9:00 pm MLK Library
Screening: “Fruitvale Station” and Q&A with Oscar Grants family

Day Two – (Feb 27th) Libation & Community Assemblies, Open Mic

6-9:00 pm – SJSU Engineering Building Room 285-87, 6-9 pm.
“Libation to Liberation Community, Safety, Defense and Justice”
Libation & Assembly

***Featured Guests, Invitees, Attendees Listed Below***

(8:30) 9-11:30 pm (In conjunction with Cito.FAME.US)
“Black Like Me, Ending the Fear of Black Strangers”
Community Town Hall – Iguanas: 330 South 3rd Street, San Jose, California 95112
For more Info: Contact Lindsey Leong host/organizer of Cito.FAME.Us via fb email or at 408-489-9894

Typically libation is just a moment at the beginning of a program, a bit of ceremony and then we move on. This entire program is to be a libation. With the families opening up and honoring their lost, but also telling talking about the work they’ve been doing, and the best part, the part where all of us get down to what still needs to be done. This is an interactive encounter, not your typical audience recipient lecture or panel. As such the beginning of the program is for the families who have lost loved ones. Each will be taking three minutes to tell us about their loved ones and then speak to to the work they’re doing, have done. Why only 3 minutes you may ask, this is why:

The Invitees and Attendees Are:

Emmett Till’s Family
Oscar Grant Grant’s Family
Kerry Baxter’s Family
Mario Romero’s Family
James Rivera’s Family
Gregory Johnson’s Family
Alan Blueford’s Family
Donovan Jackson’s Family
Andy Lopez’s Family
Jose Calderon’s Family
With Spoken Word by Miriam Mosqueda, Tyson Amir, Mark Gonzales, and others…

And likely many more, as more and more are adding on daily, having said that, we’re excited to announce we’ll be continuing later into the evening at Iguana’s with Cito.FAME.US, at their first ever Town Hall …

Featured Performers and Speakers
Rain Scriyl
Kwesi Young
Mctate Stroman II
Scorpiana X
Chris Quality
Lindsey Leong
More TBA…..

If yourself or someone you know has last some one please come, this is for you, if they have been harassed, harmed, brutalized or murdered by the police this program is for you…

We’re doing movement building here, not just some getting to know you banter but actual organizing…

The time, is now… together we can perhaps figure out what is to be done next, where we can go, we’ll be providing for a facilitated brainstorming, as well as have snacks, beverages spoken word, and hip hop….

And expect to get hit up for donations for our Trayvon 2 Brothers who need it… because we will be hitting you up.

This programs constitutes the first in a series of similar gatherings that will be happening in an ongoing basis not just here in San Jose, but throughout the bay area.

If you are interested in tabling (all tabling welcome if its in line with the theme, and you will not be allowed to interfere or table during the actual program only before and after, your price for tabling is your participation as simple as that), either way contact us…

If you questions or have a family looking to get on the Libation list (it really is their program) please call or contact us at, we will get back to you ASAP:

email: justice4trayvonsj@riseup.net
phone: 408-915-8729

WARNING: This Gathering Will Be Filmed, if you do not want to be on video, please tell us ahead of time.

Our follow up is scheduled for late March:

“Decolonizing Futures: Remembering the Past, Investigating the Present” – This program will have an emphasis on Murdered, Disappeared and Incarcerated Indigenous Women – Black, Brown, Yellow and Red… not to mention continue our discussions from this current program. This will be a gender biased program, in which men can attend, but must be invited to speak.

#Black Matters, #BUG

*Special Thanks to Dignidad Rebelde, since much of this art wouldn’t exist without their work, and the work of others…